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That puts money back in your Pocket!

open the door to your financial freedom 

We Are Trusted Specialists With Over 25 Years Experience

 let us show you how.

Outstanding professionalism with a wonderful sense of care and pride in delivering the best outcome for us.

 highly recommended

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Make Money in your sleep

with Smart & affordable property investing.

relax, We do it all for you!

"90% Of Millionaires Got Their Wealth By Investing In Real Estate"Andrew Carnegie, Billionaire

The median house price in Brisbane

 in 1970 was $9,910

in 1996  $144,000 

in 2021 $650,000

At the same growth rate the median house price in 2043 could be $2,900,00.00

What are you waiting for?

“Don’t Wait To Buy Real Estate, Buy Real Estate And Wait.” – Robert G. Allen

Professional & Helpful. All went well & As Promised.

It was truly a pleasure working with Self-Funded Freedom. Everything went very well and as promised. Looking forward to buying another property down the way.

Thanks for helping me get into the housing market.

The questions isn’t at what age you want to retire,  it's at what income

Ten ways we help you get ahead

  1. We make sure investing is right for you.  
  2. Establishing Borrowing capacity
  3. Finance strategy including Debt reduction & access to lenders
  4. Personalized tax benefit & cash flow analysis of an investment property
  5. Location research
  6. Property selection
  7. Dedicated Property Manager to ensure you obtain a great tenant
  8. Rent Guarantee
  9. Tax Benefits straight back into your wages
  10. Ongoing Support


No Savings required

We work closely with our finance strategists so that you won’t need to use any savings to acquire the investment property if you already have equity in your own home.

Reduce Your Tax

Tax Benefits straight back into your wages.  We will show you how to increase your take-home pay by having less tax taken out legally every payday to assist cash flow.  


Why You Need Property & How You Will Benefit

Why invest in property?

Property investment has been a proven vehicle to grow wealth for more than 100 years in Australia.

People invest for many reasons, but we find the overwhelming response is “I want to set up my family for a better financial future”. 


How Much will an Investment Property cost?- Why you can afford it! 

I'm glad you asked but the question needs to be;  "Is this property expensive to hold?"

Any property is hundreds of thousands of dollars of course so It's understandable to not want to take on more debt! 

But what if the debt of your investment property was being repaid by other people?


8/10 Retirees will run out of money -Don't be a statistic!

The questions isn’t at what age you want to retire,  it's at what income

Do you know how much super you will have when you retire?

8 out of 10 retirees won’t get to enjoy the retirement they deserve. Self- Funded Freedom’s mission is to fix this. 


what stops you getting ahead

Check out the list of reasons you think you cant invest right NOW- then call us and let us  prove to you its more Achievable Than you Realize!


“Don’t Wait To Buy Real Estate, Buy Real Estate And Wait.” – Robert G. Allen

 Investment Property Specialists

South East Queensland is the focus for savvy investors. 

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Thank you. I found your overall approach exemplary.
Two characteristics set you part from others. Firstly, your ability to actually listen and secondly your innovative solutions.

George - Barrister & Solicitor

Friendly and Professional

From the initial brief right up until the sale and most importantly, after sale. Jodi acted in a friendly, professional & very straightforward manner. Her sincerity & honesty was indeed a welcome change. She kept me up to date on every detail; it was great! As you will appreciate, the industry is not renowned for these characteristics! With Jodi, you’re on a a winner!

Luke - Fly in Fly out Miner & Experienced Investor

Really Appreciated

Just a note to express my appreciation of the thoroughly professional service provided. I was impressed from the very first meeting with Jodi Rogers. Jodi kept me fully informed of the progress and at no time was I left wondering what was happening. She provided efficient service without pressure.

Beverley - Property Investor

Very Professional -Easy.

Very professional, articulate, explained in an easy to understand form.

Tom - Fly In Fly Out Miner

Truthful and to the point

When doing business with someone, especially when it involves creating a robust path to retirement, you want someone who is genuine and speaks their truth as well as the knowledge and expertise to implement a strategy that works for you. Jodi is honest, she cares about people and she’s on a journey she wants to see everyone enjoy. Her strategy is real. It works. It’s not some “get rich quick scheme”. Have a chat to Jodi, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Rochelle - Early Retiree

Exceeded Expectations

We felt that Jodi, with her enthusiasm, would do the best job for us but exceeded our expectations and clearly demonstrated the faith we had placed in her.

David & Elizabeth - Joint Investors

Trustworthy and Hardworking

Jodi is a very hard working, trustworthy and loyal person.

Ian - First Time investor

Live Your Best Life Now & In The Future

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