Win your freedom with self funded property

Self- Funded Freedom

Investment Property is What We Do

We're Here to Help You to Build Wealth

Self-Funded Freedom was born from a desire to help everyday Aussies experience freedom by improving their financial situation through property investing. We do all the work for you all for you so you can become a successful property investor without the need to spend thousands of dollars and hours on courses, books or seminars.

  •   Acquire & Hold Income Producing Growth Assets With Little Or No Out Of Pocket Costs
  •   Pay Off Your Home Sooner
  •   Reduce Tax To Zero
  •   Create Passive Income
  •   We Implement Everything For You

Investment Property Can Be So Affordable - With a Partner Like Us

Many Australians are unaware of how simple and affordable it can be to grow wealth & create a regular passive income from Investment Property or the other side benefits such as mortgage reduction and reduced tax.

Our combined experience of more than 100 years means you get to fast track the investment process supported by a team of trusted professionals who are passionate about guiding everyday Australians toward financial freedom.

Welcome to a new world of Investment Property Opportunities

Self-Funded Freedom is a unique Australian business.  We can show you how the correct investment property strategy for your circumstances can create income, reduce tax, and increase cash flow. This in turn can pay off your home sooner, which can save tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

If your investment investment doesn’t cost you any money while providing ongoing tax deductions and most importantly growing your wealth, why stop at just one?!

  • We are with you every step of the way.
  • We don’t just want clients, we want clients for life.
  • Our team has been providing strategies to Australian through the creation of long-term property investment portfolios since 1998.
  • We have helped many thousands of everyday people on the road towards a secure financial future and we would love to help you too.
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