Australian Retirement – A FINANCIAL TICKING TIME-BOMB 

 June 3, 2020

By  Self-Funded Freedom

If you’re like hundreds of thousands of other Australians you may be feeling the increased debt levels that are caused by stagnant wages, increased costs of living, and the declining Aussie dollar. Many Australians bury their heads in the sand but the fact is some are wondering how they will be able to have any money at all in retirement, while others are concerned that they will have to sell their family home. Self Funded Investment Properties can be an effective way of preventing these problems. So here is the summary of reasons for investing in this way:


  • For insurance against running out of money in retirement.  
  • To help pay of your own home decades faster.
  • To reduce your tax significantly
  • To leave legacy for generational wealth
  • To help your kids leverage into their own property  
  • To fund the retirement, you deserve!
  • The growth of the value of the property creates wealth
  • The Rental income keeps up with inflation
  • Can you think of another one…personal to you?

Self-Funded Freedom’s aim is to help you build wealth and create a regular passive income stream for your FREEDOM retirement years without compromising your current lifestyle using smart & affordable property investment which in turn will save you tax & increases your cash flow today! Why? Because it’s too late in retirement to realize your superannuation was insufficient or the pension inadequate.

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