The questions isn’t at what age you want to retire,  it's at what income

 Its well documented that 8/10 retirees run out of super in retirement.

Self-Funded Freedom's mission is to fix that

Congratulations! You've taken the initial step to financial freedom just by finding your way here! Now let's take things further with a simple overview of how you can secure the future for you and your family.

Our Simple Four Step Process to Freedom

Initial Phone Call

It all begins with a quick chat on the phone. We explain how it works and how we could help you.

There is absolutely no obligation attached to this call.  It's our pleasure to introduce ourselves and see if we can help you investigate the possibilities - and that's all.

Education & Discovery Session

Self- Funded Freedom’s process is unique because our first meeting is all about education and making sure that investing is right for you. 

We can analyse whether you will have enough  super for your preferred retirement lifestyle.

We will do a simple cash flow on a mock investment property to give you an understanding of the cash flow & tax benefits to see if there will likely be any out-of-pocket costs for you.

There is no cost or obligation

There is no cost or obligation to you for this session and it  can be done face to face or online in the comfort of your own home.

If it all sounds good to you and you would like to investigate further we can proceed to preparing your Freedom Plan.

Borrowing Capacity

Now that our specialist finance strategists have worked out how much you can borrow & the best finance structure, we can present you with more detailed cash flow analysis based on an actual property type.

Tailored Freedom Plan

So today we present your tailored Freedom Plan outlining the most suitable and affordable property & finance solution to set you on a path toward your goals of wealth creation and debt reduction.

Cash Flow Analysis 

This detailed cash flow and tax benefits analysis shows you very clearly what your expected out-of-pocket cost or positive cash flow income will be so there will be no unexpected surprises.

Having all the facts & figures at hand will assist you in making an objective decision about investing in property.

Once that is established & you are satisfied with it we can present the best property solution  to fit your particular plan.


Our loan specialists have access to more than 40 trusted  lenders are able to find the best fit and financial structure for your circumstances.

The Freedom Path

This is your opportunity to get started on your Freedom path. 

You will be presented with the carefully selected property & location research to correspond with your personal Freedom Plan. 

Property Hot Spots

We know the Hots Spots and have access to the largest selection of brand new property in these locations to find the perfect match for your plan.

We Make It Happen

You can relax as we guide you every step of the way from here all the way to  completion and a tenant.  We think of everything so you don’t have to.

Ongoing Support

Periodic review and active management are both very important aspects when maintaining a portfolio of investments. New opportunities present and your equity situation will improve over time. We will help you in assessing these movements in order to ensure you continue on the right path to financial freedom and that things are moving along as expected.

We don’t just want clients, we want clients for life.

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