The questions isn’t at what age you want to retire,  it's at what income

 Its well documented that 8/10 retirees run out of super in retirement.

Self-Funded Freedom's mission is to fix that

Rental Guarantee for Self-Funded Investment Properties

Making the decision to buy an investment property is a monumental step in the right direction to improving your long term financial situation.   As our valued client, you will be offered a rental guarantee of up to 8 years to set you up for success from day one!

You will also have an experienced and dedicated property manager to ensure everything runs smoothly with the tenant and to keep an eye on your valuable asset with regular inspections.

If you’re considering a property purchase and would like some guidance we’d like to hear from you. We can help you in choosing a property with the maximum benefits for your personal situation as well as arranging for you to get the perfect finance to suit your situation and on top of all that we will guide you every step of the way from conception to completion.

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