we’re more worried about being skint in our twilight years. 

 September 21, 2021

By  Self-Funded Freedom

With home ownership declining, it’s probably no surprise, then, that we’re more worried about being skint in our twilight years.

“We’ve got a retirement system which has evolved so that it’s based on how much money you earn, and how long you earn it. And as well, whether or not you’ve been able to pay your house off.”

It’s a message that is not lost on Laura Edwards, 28, who currently has about $40,000 in super.

Laura and retirement
Laura has switched from investing in super to saving for a house deposit.ABC News: John GunnLaura was salary sacrificing about $800 a month into her super account, but recently moved back in with her parents and is now saving for a house deposit instead.

“To comfortably retire, I think a property really helps with that, so that is one thing I am looking towards. I am also looking at getting into investing,” she says.

The financial services worker also shared some basic tips for young people who want to set themselves up for a comfortable retirement.

“You want to envision your super as a savings account you will eventually access,” she says.

“I am basically saying that I really love watching my money grow, and I check it every month,” she adds.

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