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Investment Property is What We Do

Why invest in property?

Property investment has been a proven vehicle to grow wealth for more than 100 years in Australia.

People invest for many reasons, but we find the overwhelming response is “I want to set up my family for a better financial future”. 

At Self-Funded Freedom we understand the idea of investing can be overwhelming for some people which is why we have broken the process down into 4 simple steps to clearly explain how you are able to achieve a property portfolio without compromising  your current lifestyle. And we implement everything for you.

While there is no way to get rich quickly, you can actively start building your wealth today.

You will have your own reasons for investing in a self-funded property but here are the key ones common to almost every Australian:

  • For insurance against running out of money in retirement.
  • To help pay of your own home decades faster.
  • To reduce your tax significantly
  • To leave legacy for generational wealth
  • To help your kids leverage into their own property
  • To fund the retirement, you deserve!
  • The growth of the value of the property creates wealth
  • The Rental income keeps up with inflation

One of the biggest dangers in life is to believe that we must play the hand we are dealt and things cannot change for us. This disempowering state is the biggest trap that we can fall into. It prevents us from seeking the information required to achieve the life of our dreams.

If you’re like hundreds of thousands of other Australians you may be feeling the increased debt levels that are caused by stagnant wages, increased costs of living, and the declining Aussie dollar. Many Australians bury their heads in the sand but the fact is some are wondering how they will be able to have any money at all in retirement, while others are concerned that they will have to sell their family home.

Do you know how much super you will have when you retire?

8 out of 10 retirees won’t get to enjoy the retirement they deserve. Self- Funded Freedom’s mission is to fix this. 

We have helped thousands of Australians

The good news is, if you are reading this, things can get better. Much better.

We have improved the outlook for thousands of Australians, and we would love to help you to.

Self-Funded Freedom’s aim is to help you build wealth and create a regular passive income stream for your FREEDOM retirement years without compromising your current lifestyle.

Investment Property 

An Investment Property will not only grow in value, but can be paid for by a combination of rental income and tax concessions. We can show you some examples of this and give you all the professional advice and expertise you need to secure the future for you and your family.

Your Investment Property Can be Cash Flow Positive

Just think of that for a moment - you can have an Investment Property whose capital value increases in line with the market and takes no money out of your pocket monthly. Here's how:

A Final Word from Our CEO 

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