QLD heading the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle 

 July 16, 2021

By  Self-Funded Freedom

So many of the major factors that are currently impacting real estate markets are strong for Queensland.

Two of the biggest influences are the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle and the intention by federal and state governments to generate an infrastructure-led economic recovery across Australia.

The Exodus trend is the most dominant force impacting real estate in the 21st Century.

All the elements that might influence people to leave the big cities and migrate to another part of the nation – climate, covid, lifestyle and affordability – are strong for Brisbane and for Regional Queensland.

The official population data confirms it: Sydney and Melbourne are losing population to internal migration and the biggest beneficiary, by a wide margin, is Queensland.


The list of major new infrastructure projects targeted on Brisbane and Queensland is growing by the week.

This promises to be a big generator of economic activity and jobs – and from that comes demand for real estate.

And the ultimate game changer is the prospect of the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane.

This means that the next 10 years will feature major spending on infrastructure, big investment by private enterprise and a strong media focus on Brisbane and South East Queensland.

The real estate data confirms that Brisbane and Regional Queensland are at the forefront of the rising tide of real estate activity across the nation.

Sales activity is elevated and prices are responding.

Australians are heading north and so are Queensland property prices.

– Terry Ryder

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