The importance of a Mortgage Broker/ Finance Strategist 

 July 5, 2021

By  Self-Funded Freedom

The importance of a Mortgage Broker/ Finance Strategist.

Every bank has different lending criteria and an ever-changing landscape.

A mortgage broker is crucial in navigating the various options and staying abreast of policy changes to find the best fit for you.

When lending to invest & also create debt reduction strategies you need a broker who is also able to strategize.

At Self-Funded Freedom you have will have access to award-winning finance strategists who can assist everyone from first timers right up to sophisticated property investors.

They can prescribe the lender best suited to each client for a particular property purchase.

They recognize aspects of a customer’s finance that may be the difference between getting a loan approved or rejected and make sure the necessary elements are in place before an application is made.

They can advise on how to reduce debt, free up equity, and leverage assets

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