How Can I Reduce My Taxation Liability with an Investment Property?

We have some really good news for you on this! There are a wide range of tax benefits for property investors. Thousands of Australian homeowners are legally saving up to 100% of their tax and redirecting it back into their home loan to eliminate mortgage debt in under 10 years, growing wealth & securing their retirement.

what is a Tax incentive?

what is a tax  Incentive?

A tax incentive means the government is offering you a reduction in the amount of tax you pay. 

This  Particular incentive on offer  is to assist you to acquire Brand New investment Properties

An Investment Property Will Not Only  Build  your Wealth And Save you Tax  it will assist to Re-Pay  Your Current Mortgage Sooner!

by accessing tax  incentives to acquire investment property, The Taxman And The Tenant  are Virtually Paying For It.

We have a simple 4 step Process and no fees  for you to take advantage  of this offer

Not Every Household In Australia Can Take Advantage Of This Entitlement

Let’s get an idea of how much tax you are on track to pay between now and retirement: TAX CALCULATOR - You can use this calculator to work out your annual tax then multiply it by the number of years left in the workforce.

Tax Example

  • Age: 40
  • Retirement Age: 70
  • Taxable Income: $100 000
  • Income Tax Payable: $22 967
  • 30 years until retirement x $22,967 = $690,000 This is the minimum amount of tax you are on track to pay the ATO between now and retirement

Now let's get that back so you can put it toward your current mortgage and investment property to create wealth for you & your family.

Depreciation of building

When it comes to investment properties, depreciation is one of the best things for your bottom line at tax time, with some seasoned investors even considering depreciation before they buy new property.

Depreciation of Fixtures & Fittings

This tax deduction follows similar guidelines to the depreciation of building claims, but relates specifically to fittings inside an investment property. This includes things like lights, fans, power points, windows, sinks, showers, and so on, which are all subject to wear and tear – or depreciation – over time.

We crunch the numbers for you

Don't worry if it sounds confusing because we work all this out for you up front as part of our 4 step process

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