The questions isn’t at what age you want to retire,  it's at what income

 Its well documented that 8/10 retirees run out of super in retirement.

Self-Funded Freedom's mission is to fix that

Trying to pay off your mortgage sooner shouldn’t significantly impact your lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to!

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 10 Years

By investing in property, you can pay off the mortgage on your home in 10 years instead of 25 or 30. By acquiring investment properties, you can pay off your home using the profits from these properties in a matter of a decade.

Tax Incentives for mortgage Repayments

The cost of mortgage repayments on your investment properties is taken care of through rental payments and tax incentives. The main reason most Australians do not have greater financial security as they enter retirement is that they’ve been too focused on trying to pay off their mortgage the old fashioned way using blood sweat & tears!.

In other words, making sacrifices and going without so they can put any spare after-tax hard-earned dollars toward the bank’s coffers to eventually start paying off some principal so that in 25 years’ time after paying for the house 3 times over due to all the interest, they will own it. Sounds familiar?

Mitigating Financial Risk

The risk for the average Australian family is that they take 30 years to finally pay off the family home and enter retirement without any other major assets to provide net investment wealth or income.

Superior Strategies for Mortgage payment

Here at Self-Funded Freedom we know a MUCH faster & better strategy that will not only pay your house off in less than half the time & save hundreds of thousands in interest, it will also allow you to stop paying all that tax AND set you up for the retirement you crave!

Do you like the sound of not paying hundreds of thousands out in interest to the bank? And do you like the sound of not paying hundreds of thousands over your working life to the taxman to & instead putting into your mortgage?

If that’s a Yes, Contact us.

Work out your numbers, it’s frightening!

How much tax do you pay per year either single or combined with your partner Have a look at your payslips and work it out. eg.$30,000?

Times that by How many years left in the workforce eg ..20?

That’s $600,000 of your hard earned money you can kiss goodbye in tax…..unless you speak to us The result of offsetting this extra income as part of a mortgage reduction program is that the above-average Australian family is able to pay down their debt much faster which makes a considerable difference to their wealth.

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