October 21, 2020

By  Self-Funded Freedom

COVID  Property Boom Could Push Queensland Home Prices Up 20 Percent

New data has revealed that Queensland is on the cusp of an investment property boom that could lead prices to skyrocket by more than 20 percent and the significant demand to last for years to come.

Economists and experts are predicting strong growth across all of the sunshine state off the back of COVID market conditions.

Fears of a real estate armageddon in the wake of the pandemic have been replaced with a surge in confidence in the Sunshine State’s housing market, driven by an exodus to lifestyle and affordability, infrastructure spending and cheap money.

It’s a trend that was already underway before COVID-19, but one that had become a “stampede” thanks to interstate lockdowns and the working from home phenomenon.

Brisbane Investment Property is Affordable 

“Brisbane’s affordability, lifestyle and a better climate than, say, Melbourne, and the fact that the virus has been kept under control quite well are other factors bringing people here,” Mr. Ryder said.

Buyer demand is at an all-time high and suburb sale-price records have been smashed since COVID-19 took hold in March, while the state’s southern counterparts are languishing.

Massive Rise In Queensland Property Prices Predicted

Economists at Westpac who were forecasting price falls of 10 percent at the start of the year are now predicting a 20 percent rise in Brisbane property prices over the next two years — the highest of any capital city.

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