How to make money in your sleep 

 May 17, 2021

By  Self-Funded Freedom

Capital growth also called capital appreciation refers to the increase in the value of your investment property over time.

Example only:

When you were 40 years old you bought an investment property for say, $500,000

To be very conservative at just 5% P/A growth – after 20 years the property is worth $1,326,000 so the  Capital Growth on this property was $826,000.

You are now 60 years old and have achieved this result without lifting a finger.

You have made have an extra $826,000 for yourself ($40,000 year) with no work & no cost to you.

But it gets better because during you working life you did this 4 more times

So you now have 5 investment properties (4.1 million dollars total) with similar scenarios PLUS your own family home which was paid off along the way.

Let’s say the investment loans were interest only – you sell a couple & pay the others off- now you have debt free investment properties with rent coming in which keeps up with inflation.

The potential is there, so give us call & let’s start the conversation.

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